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To Be Black Cover Still Image 2.jpg

by Blanes Wathumbi

To be black.
To be black is to have melanin...
To be black is to love chicken,
No to love water melon.
Perhaps this comes from a longing to quench the thirst our ancestors have had from years of drought and poverty...
For to be black is to exist from Africa, the undeveloped place of animals and a helpless Society.

To be black is to be late...
To be black is to require guidance,
To require discovery in order to exist...
Anything contrary is a flaw because,
To be black is to taint what is white and what is white is always right
so anyone that stands against this... well...
Is a threat!
To them,

To be black is to be a threat!
It is to wear chains and be in a gang...
To walk in crowds and mobs speaking in tongues and a dialect that most cannot readily understand.
To be black is to contrast.
To be black is to stand out.
And not in a pretty way, but like a nail that needs to be hit to match the rest on the plank.
At least that's one way to define it.
For those who truly understand their worth,

To be black is to be bold.
It's to endure the heat of the sun and torturous times and come out with a glow.
To be black is to be powerful!
It's to unite against or for a worthwhile cause...
It is to be ruled according to the oppressors  but to the oppressed,
It is also the most sincere form of flattery because,

To be black is to be the carrier of potential that is feared by many and utilized by few.
It is to stand out...
To shout out...

It is to be pure, untainted...
To be unattainable through mixture...
To exist naturally as is...
To be black is to be natural.
In the way we rock our hair and flaunt our scars.
To be black is to be beautiful...
To be black is to be sweet...
As we all know blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.
But to quote a famous comic, the phrase according to media has sadly changed to:
The blacker the nigga, the sweeter the news.

But I wonder, what does being black mean to you?


© Blanes Wathumbi

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