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You cannot rush trauma

You cannot rush the stories of trauma and you cannot rush it's healing process.

The storytelling of a horrible experience does not guarantee the healing of the soul that told it.

And story-listening does not guarantee release from the troubled experience being story told.

Your story will be told when it is ready to be told.


Stories are not dropped, they unfold

If a story about the present is being shared it is still an occurring one...a year from now that story  would have grown.

Therefore we can say that storytelling is ever unfolding- no story can be stagnant.

It'll grow, evolve, shift. Our stories do not end.


Just as our stories grow, evolve and change course, we also grow and change. We also unfold.

The story of this date a year ago has developed since then and although you are the storyteller/ holder, so have you. You are not exempt. You are unfolding too as you tell your unfolding stories- whether you share your unfolding to the extent at which it is occurring is up to you but it does not mean that the unfolding isn't happening.

Such is life, ever moving, ever changing, ever evolving

Such is the essence of a story- of stories

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